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Automatic Gate Systems

The gate automation system is offered with an optimal technology. It can mechanize the opening as well as closing of gates, enabling a simple access control and high level of security.

Car Sticker Entrance System

Car Sticker Entrance System is a UHD RFID Entrance Solution which can be seen in housing complex. It can be easily pasted on the Vehicle wind screen. The chip approves the vehicle and boasts of an innovative technology.

Parking Fee Management System

We deal in Parking Fee Management System, which is a valuable tool for several parking facilities. It is highly required for streamlining the operations. In addition, it can reduce costs and boosts the customer satisfaction.

Auto Glass Sensor Door

The Auto Glass Sensor Door has been made to open itself when he passerby is moving. It has an ultrasonic sensor which adds to its safety as well as utility.

Car Sticker Entrance System -UHF RFID

The Car Sticker Entrance System -UHF RFID is an advanced key to efficient access control. This is the easiest and most affordable way to access the cars. It allows for advanced use.

UPVC Window Welding Machines

UPVC window welding machine supplied by us is a specialized equipment that is suited for the fabrication of uPVC window frames. It is a machine, which has been designed to weld the crooks of uPVC window frames.

Auto Rolling Door

Auto rolling door supplied by us is made to accommodate different openings. It is powered by a motor which has been linked to the door's roller mechanism. It enables the door to move down and up, very smoothly.

Video Door Phones

Video door phones supplied by us is an electronic device which enables the users to see as well as communicate with visitors at the doors front through a video intercom system. These are apt for commercial and residential properties.

Window Automation System

The window automation system has several functional benefits for a building's occupants, such as energy savings, improved comfort, and enhanced security. This is at for automating the closing as well as opening of doors.

Parking Slot Guidance System

Parking Slot Guidance System has been made to boost the parking experience for drivers. It also helps in dealing with the traffic congestion and allows for the improved parking facilities. It is highly applicable for parking garages, airports, shopping malls, and other public places.

Highway Toll Management System

Highway Toll Management System is an electronic toll collection system, which allows for free-flow traffic regulation. It has automated payments at high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes, conventional toll plazas, tunnels, toll bridges, etc.